Winning the James Beard Foundation’s award for best documentary in 2023 was one of the biggest honors we’ve had since our film’s release.

So we couldn’t be much more excited to be teaming up with JBF for an event at its Platform space in NYC on June 2.

Our whole team will be in the Big Apple for a food event and discussion that will include clips from the film. “Coldwater” chefs Jimmy Lee Hill, Dink Dawson and Ernest Davis will be preparing the appetizers and dessert for a brunch that will also include some amazing Philly-style pies and more from Down North Pizza, a mission-led restaurant in Philadelphia that exclusively employs formerly incarcerated individuals.

Yes, the dessert will be Chef Hill’s famed Black Magic Cake.

The program will be hosted by “Coldwater” co-director Mark Kurlyandchik and executive producer Desire Vincent Levy.

The conversation will be moderated by Ashley Carter, director of  the Michigan Justice Fund. It will include members of the film team, including co-director Brian Kaufman, and Muhammad Abdul-Hadi, founder of Down North Pizza.

Guests will receive a link to watch the entire film following the event.

Things kick off at noon June 2 at the Platform, A25 11th Ave, New York. Tickets ($95) can be bought here.

The Menu

Welcome Bites

Lollipop Chicken

Cauliflower Chickpea Bowls

Ole Bay Salmon Cakes

Maison Noir “New Noir” 2022


Philly-Style Pizza with Chicken Sausage, Lamb Fat–Whipped Ricotta, Four Cheese Blend, Candied Serrano Pepper, and Lemongrass Olive Oil
Contains dairy and gluten

Lamb Scrapple Egg and Cheese > Halal Scrapple with Smoked Cheddar, Harissa Jam, and Everything Bun
Contains dairy

Guac Crustini with Guacamole, Housemade Lamb Pancetta, and Berbere Dust
Contains gluten


Black Magic Cake

Black Magic Cake