Get involved

Now that “Coldwater Kitchen” is completed (and paid for), we’re seeking collaborators on several fronts. We need help funding the film’s extensive engagement plan and assistance getting it out into the world.  

How can you help? 

  • We’re seeking presenting partners for the engagement aspects of the film’s arrival, including food-and-film events at Freep Film Festival in spring 2023. This money will fund the salaries of the formerly incarcerated individuals who will help make the events happen.
  • We’re looking to partner with organizations and activists interested in criminal justice reform, particularly those focused on societal reentry for incarcerated citizens. What sort of partnering? Let’s talk. 
  • We’re seeking a distribution partner (broadcast, streaming) who will get the film seen broadly – and its message amplified. 
  • Individual contributors of financial support are also welcome. Tax deductible donations can be made through the film’s fiscal sponsor, The Film Collaborative. How does fiscal sponsorship work? Read more here. Make a donation here. 

Reach out to us to get involved