Seattle International Film Festival has a great reputation on the fest circuit, and is known for its carefully curated program of some of the best movies making the rounds.

So we were honored that “Coldwater Kitchen” was chosen for its 49th annual edition, which runs May 11–21, followed by a week of streaming May 22–28.

We also liked what the festival’s guide had to say about the food tech program at the heart of “Coldwater”: “Here, expressing yourself through food is a holistic approach that provides structure and life lessons. Cuisine can be art, serving is learning to care, and kitchen work teaches respect and discipline.”

The film is having two screenings, both at the SIFF Cinema Uptown: 1 p.m May 12 and 1 p.m. May 18.  Co-director Brian Kaufman plans to be in the house for the May 18 event. Get tickets here. 

The festival’s trailer is below.